About Educa

Record, share, measure and manage early learning to foster the lifelong exploration of knowledge.
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Our Purpose

Creating inspired explorers

Children that are inspired to explore the world around them receive the greatest foundation for lifelong learning and success. 

Our Vision

Connecting inspirational people in every child's life

We aspire to unite teachers, parents, grandparents, and beyond in a collaborative effort to nurture, influence, and inspire the children they cherish.

The Educa Team​

Simon Swallow


Simon is a business leader and investor, helping a number of New Zealand companies reach their potential. He provides guidance on all aspects of Educa.

Gavin Foley


Gavin brings over 15 years of experience as a startup CTO, people leader, and cloud solutions architect. His responsibilities include ensuring that Educa’s technology roadmap aligns with its business objectives and fostering cross-functional collaboration to drive meaningful outcomes.

Julia Koumbassa


Julia has 20+ years experience in early childhood education as a teacher, trainer, site director and Learning Story advocate. She runs Learning Story Academy and our training services.

Alexandra Harrop


Alex brings over a decade of experience in business development and portfolio management to the Educa Customer Success Team. She is passionate about bringing ideas to life, enabling people to succeed and optimizing satisfied customer relationships.

Kate Smith


Kate joins Educa with a wealth of experience in UX Design and as a Product Manager. She is at the helm of improving Educa at every touchpoint and is passionate about creating features that connect the village around a child.

Kashif Imitaz


Kashif is our lead web developer, handling feature coding and our server architecture. Kashif came to Educa with a great deal of overseas experience. Inspired to work for a company that makes a positive impact on society, he chose Educa.

Tierra Talley


Tierra’s teaching and business development background has led her to join the Educa team. Tierra believes the authenticity that Learning Stories brings to assessing students is unmatchable and enjoys connecting with educators around the practice of Learning Stories.

Jake Nevin


Jake comes from a background in technology. He brings experience in providing technical support and delivering a problem solving approach to meet customers’ needs.

Kimberly Sende


Kimberly Sende is joining us from Carnegie Learning where she spent 10+ years in customer success.  She helps sites get off to a fast start with Educa and then supports their journey.

Jackie Lints


Jackie is the co-owner of Educare, a group of New Zealand child care centers. Educare has been a user of Educa for many years. Jackie brings a user perspective to the board.

Our Founding Story

Developed in New Zealand, now worldwide.

When our founder, Nathan Li, sent his daughter, Nancy, to child care in 2009 he and his wife felt disconnected. Nathan was told he would receive a scrapbook every couple of months. Nathan simply asked, why can’t I see what she is doing today? Why couldn’t learning stories be online?
And so Educa was born.

We started as simple parent engagement software supporting learning stories. However, working with ECE thought leaders and customers over the years, we now provide a full educational solution.

That process has not stopped. As customer reporting and priorities change, Educa evolves and adapts, although always focused our core mission, to positively impact child learning outcomes at every turn.

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